Goldsmiths Registration Scheme
The Goldsmiths Registration Scheme is aimed at small jewellers, goldsmiths and silversmiths who wish to use ethically sourced Fairtrade gold & silver in their jewellery and be part of the ethical transformation of the jewellery sector. Register below.

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Some Facts

Economic injustice is systemic in the gold trade. With over $210 billion USD of value being generated through gold in 2012, yet artisanal and small-scale miners live on $1-$2 USD per day. Fairtrade offers genuine hope of change.
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Goldsmiths Registration

Welcome to the Goldsmiths Registration Scheme.  This is Fairtrade’s unique way of enabling the many thousands of ethical goldsmiths, silversmiths, small jewellers and artists to participate in the Fairtrade story and support Fairtrade certified artisanal miners.

To start your simple online registration please click here.

To find a registered Fairtrade Goldsmith in your country use our Goldsmith Finder tool here.

If you have already registered and would like to access your online account please click here.

GRN_Square_IntBy registering as a Fairtrade Goldsmith you will be able to purchase certified Fairtrade gold and precious metals from authorised suppliers in a semi-finished form, such as sheet, wire, tube and casting grain to use in your work.  You will also be able to buy ‘white label/unbranded‘ gold and precious metal items such as wedding rings or engagement ring mounts that have been pre-stamped with the Fairtrade Mark by the licensed supplier.

Annual registration as a Fairtrade Goldsmith is free and requires very little administration. Jewellers and goldsmiths who join the scheme agree to abide by terms and conditions including not being able to stamp their creations with the Fairtrade Mark, using pre-approved marketing and communication materials, using no more than 500g gold or platinum and 2kg silver per year, and allowing spot-audits to check compliance with these terms and conditions.

Naturally we hope that all jewellers will consider becoming full license holders and take advantage of the opportunity to stamp the Fairtrade Mark in their designs, to demonstrate full physical traceability from the certified mine.  However with as much as 70% of the international jewellery market consisting of small family jewellers and goldsmiths, the Goldsmiths Registration Scheme is a great way to enjoy using Fairtrade certified metals and directly benefit artisanal and small-scale miners and their communities, while increasing consumer access to Fairtrade gold.

For more information on participating in the goldsmiths scheme, please contact: