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Britain’s leading casting houses now offer entire catalogues in Fairtrade gold

By Gonzaga Mungai   |   August 5th, 2014   |  

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Five of Britain’s leading casting houses are proud to now include Fairtrade gold and precious metals in their catalogues, indicating that Fairtrade gold is set to become a systemic part of the UK jewellery industry offering.

The landmark move means that everyone in the jewellery industry, large or small, can contribute towards bringing about transformational change to disadvantaged artisanal mining communities and reform the way the jewellery industry works for the better.

Jewellers can now buy semi-finished gold products including sheet, wire, casting grain, tube and chain from Cooksongold, Cred, Hockley Mint, Vipa Designs and Western Beamor  who are all offering some or all of their catalogues in Fairtrade gold. Significantly all five companies also offer consumer-ready wedding collections which are available in Fairtrade metals upon request.

Each of the five suppliers are registered with Fairtrade as master licensees to supply small jewellers, making Fairtrade gold simple and trouble-free to incorporate into their ranges.

Reena Agarwal, Commercial Account Manager for Fairtrade gold said: “It’s fantastic news that all these companies are going to such great lengths to ensure availability of Fairtrade gold and precious metals. This latest move allows Fairtrade gold to become a systemic part of the jewellery offering, making Fairtrade gold and precious metals available to everybody in the industry, whether large or small. Fairtrade wants to maximise the benefits going back to small-scale miners and this is a very important step towards doing just that.”

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