Authorised Suppliers
Below you will find a list of all the authorised jewellery component supply houses and manufacturing services you need to create the finest Fairtrade Gold & Silver jewellery.
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Authorised Suppliers

Fairtrade’s vision is that certified gold and precious metals from artisanal and small-scale miners will become embedded into the very fabric of the jewellery supply chain.  It is our belief that every jeweller, jewellery company and brand, whatever their size or shape, should be able to access the benefits of the world’s only consumer facing certification scheme in the jewellery trade.  It is our ambition to see the entire fabric of the jewellery trade systemically embedded with the Fairtrade gold and precious metals offering.  This way we can make Fairtrade gold a realistic and accessible choice for the jewellery buying public of the world.

Below you will find a list of authorised jewellery component supply houses and manufacturing services who are licensed to supply Fairtrade certified semi-finished product to Fairtrade licensees and registered Goldsmiths.  All of our authorised suppliers are subject to regular independent auditing to ensure the highest standards possible throughout the chain of custody.

For more information on each company please click on the links below.

Cookson Precious Metals – Suppliers of Fairtrade gold bullion and semi-finished jewellery products.

Contact person: Rob Taylor

CRED – Importer and supplier of Fairtrade certified gold and silver.

Contact person: Alan Frampton

Hockley Mint – Manufacturing, suppliers of semi-finished products and consumer ready Fairtrade gold jewellery.

Contact person: Gary Wroe

S&P Trading – Fairtrade gold trader and refiner.

Contact person: Patrick Schein

Vipa Design – Suppliers of Fairtrade gold, silver and casting, manufacturing services

Contact person: Peter Crump

Weston Beamor – Suppliers of Fairtrade gold, casting and manufacturing services

Contact person: Glen Day